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Program Philosophy

For the interview, please bring:

Welcome to St Philip Neri Parish RCIA program!

Our Adult program operates on an 18 month or two-year cycle meeting on Tuesday nights from 7 pm to 9 pm and consisting of:

  • 35—40 Catechetical Lectures
  • 35—40 Study Group Sessions
  • Handouts and Homework
  • Evaluations **
  • 3 One-on-One Interviews **
  • 2 Advent Retreats
  • 2 Lenten Retreats
  • 1 Easter Saturday Retreat **

Our R.C.I.A. Program presumes your full participation and involvement in all of our program elements listed above, including:

  • Sunday Mass attendance
  • Sunday Dismissal attendance **
  • Sunday Faith & Scripture Sharing **
  • Specified Feast Days and Liturgical


** Growing in Christ ~Faith Renewal Participants are not required to participate in these elements.

Additionally, our RCIA Program is designed to help you become integrated into the life of our faith community through friendship and fellowship.

Also, when you begin RCIA, you needn’t automatically enter the Church according to the R.C.I.A. schedule. You may, if the Holy Spirit leads you, choose to take more than 18 months to explore the Catholic Church and choose to enter at a later Easter celebration.

You may enter our program in progress, at any time.

We believe that faithful Catholics are not simply informed, but rather formed into the Faith community and Church.

In return, our Parish RCIA Team makes the following commitments to you as our program participants.

  • To provide the best catechesis that we can, using Lectures, DVDs, Guest Speakers, and sharing our faith with you.
  • To be Mentors with you on this journey of faith.
  • To provide appropriate sponsors to journey with you during this process.
  • To provide you with timely and informative handouts relative to the topics being discussed.
  • To conduct evaluations ensure your understanding of the material being shared.
  • To hold three (3) one on one interviews during the process, so you can express your hopes and concerns about the program and process.

Frequently asked questions

Growing in Christ – Faith Renewal

Perhaps you are already Roman Catholic, but wish to deepen you understanding of your

Catholic / Christian faith?

Our R.C.I.A. program may also be used by individuals who wish to renew their faith and / or deepen their understanding of the Church.

If this is of interest to you, then you are welcome to register with us and join our sessions alongside those who are seeking to obtain their Sacraments of Initiation.

Even though you already are a full member in the Roman Catholic Faith, you would be expected to participate fully as we explore our relationships with God, Church, Church teachings and each other.

To join us for Faith Renewal please register with the R.C.I.A. Ministry and come by for a brief interview with one of our Program directors.

Faith Renewal participates have the option of purchasing the Pilgrimage Journal* and supplemental materials

RCIA Program Fees
Catholicism pilgrimage journal$20.00
Sunday missals N/C
Supplemental material $10.00
Baptism / Confirmation robes
* Refundable with this receipt along with the return of robes following your Easter Vigil reception.
Total due at your initial interview $50.00

To sign up please call 416.241.3101 extension 235 / Faith renewal extension # 245 with Bro. Alan

Fax: 416.241.2588

For more information please complete this form

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